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Everyone loves to have photos of the event they raced or participated in.

I have 2 pricing models for my event photography services.

Entrants can purchase photos for a very small price after the event or entrants get their photos for free with the event organiser being charged a small fee. If your an event organiser and this sounds good to you, get in touch with me.

Personally I believe entrants should not need to pay large sums of money for their event photos. Unfortunately many photographers dont share my thoughts and can charge varying amounts to high prices for their photos. And some may not even be of quality or are uninteresting shots.

This is my point of difference. Prior to the shoot I will put a plan together of how I will shoot. If I dont know the course or location already I will go on a reccy to find out where the best photos can be taken.

I like to keep my photos interesting, I like to capture not only the participant but the surrounds. I like to give meaning to the photo ie. its not just a person on a bike but a person racing a bike with beautiful views in the background etc

And my photos are of high quality

If you would like me to capture your event, this is what I can do for you.

For a small fee I can capture your event. Have a chat to me, I'm happy to negotiate a fee with you and come up with a cost that works for you.

Unlike other photographers I am not in this business to make money, photography is a passion of mine.

When I shoot an event for you, I will require a logo from you for the event or your organisation. This will go on each photo, see example photos of other events I have done.

Full resolution photos will be uploaded to an event gallery on this website, the gallery can be private if you wish. Entrants are free to download their photos. And you will have access to all photos and can be used for promotional purposes

I can also provide copies of photos to be uploaded to your Facebook page

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